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EDUCATION - how was it different between the rich & the poor?
RICH: better education
POOR: couldn't afford, got lower quality
EDUCATION - how was it different between boys & girls?
BOYS: theoretical, grammar, better education
GIRLS: taught to be women, no education on reading/writing
EDUCATION - Why were there so FEW scientific discoveries & inventions in Constantinople?
Science was viewed as preparation for other studies. Low demand - had slaves & animal labor.
prep, slaves & animal labor
GOVERNMENT - why did people NOT interfere with the decisions or judgements of the Byzantine Emperor?
God gave power to the other people.
God, power
GOVERNMENT - what were DEMES and what kind of power did they have?
DEMES = political groups representing parts of the city. Many armies. Did not have power over who was emperor.
political groups, parts of the city, armies
HOUSING - what groups of people were segregated in Constantinople & why?
Armenians, Jews & Muslims because God wanted them separated
A, J, M
HOUSING - describe the homes of the rich & the poor in Constantinople
POOR: tenements (multi-story)
RICH: single family homes
MILITARY PROTECTION - describe why Constantinople was so well-protected from attack.
Surrounded with water, walls & moat
W, W, moat
MILITARY PROTECTION - describe the types of soldiers & techniques the Byzantine Army used.
huge walls & towers
fake retreats -> ambush
bows & arrows
daggers & swords
spies - baros of barbarians
greek fire (explosives)
light horseman
heavy foot soldiers
PUBLIC WORKS & CHARITY - Explain how laws differed for the rich & poor and provide examples.
RICH: cannot be forced to do labor or be killed
POOR: punished harshly and more easily
PUBLIC WORKS & CHARITY - describe ways the church &/or government performed charitable acts for the people of Constantinople
CHURCH: gave more jobs & food, built hospitals
GOVERNMENT: gave bread, told rich to help the poor, helped orphanages
RECREATION - describe Constantinople entertainment
chariot races, circuses, musicians, checkers, dominoes, theater, ballet,
jugglers, pantomimes
RECREATION - describe two purposes of the chariot races in Constantinople.
for glory for demes, for entertainment
RELIGOUS LIFE - describe the role of Christianity in Byzantine government & how it viewed other religions
Christianity was paid for by government. They viewed other religions as INSANE & DEMENTED. Like your father, Jeff P.
RELIGOUS LIFE - describe role of religion in average citizen's life and in monks' lives
MONKS cannot socialize.
CITIZENS had services every day (2hrs) and had parades.
TRADE & COMMERCE - name several reasons why the Byzantine economy was stable
the currency stayed the same
TRADE & COMMERCE - describe the scene in Constantinople's marketplace - who, what, sounds, activities