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What is NIDDM?
Type II diabetes is the most common type of diabetes. It is also known as adult-onset diabetes, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) or maturity-onset diabetes. It accounts for some 85 to 90 percent of all cases of diabetes. Four out of five of these people are overweight-and in most cases, these people were overweight before their diabetes developed.
What is periphral neropathy?
Persons who have DM, experiencing conditions of abnormal sensation, numbness, and burning sensations in the extremeties. Diminished circulation; risk for injury.
Give 1 Nsg. Diagnosis for peripheral neropathy?
Insufficient knowledge of diabetes r/t blisters on both feet, m/b inability to verbalize actions taken for care of feet.
What are nursing interventions for peripheral neropathy? Who will most likely experience these conditions?
DM, type II: Encourage no smoking, avoid constricting footwear, keep legs uncrossed. Daily inspection using a mirror for blind spots. Regular visits to podiatrist
What is OBRA?
Omnibus Budget Reconcilliation Act 1987. Long term documentation supports a multidisciplinary approach in the assessment and planning process. Communication is essential for all facility staff. All for standardized patient care.
67 % of older adults live in their own homes? T or F
How many hours on average does it take to poor meds and administer to 60 patient?
2 hrs.
If Polly is scheduled to take her med x at 1030, how late can her med x be administered to her?
When can a medication be administered?
1130; 1 hour before or 1 hour after
What is HCFA?
Health care financial association; Assist people to restore their optimum level of functioning.
Constipation advice?
In older adults thais may lead to fecal impaction or bowel incontinence. Interventions include, diet that contains fiber (metamucil, bran), fluids, and excercise.
What other alternative is there is a patient is not getting his fiber through vegetables or fruit?
10g of Bran/day is sufficient; 2 slices of whole grain bread, 2 bran muffins, or biscuits, and bran added to other foods.
What is COPD?
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease; a COMBO of diseases such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, chronic asthma. By 90, everyone has some degree.
What are some interventions to COPD?
Teach proper coughing technique to clear airway. NO smoking, air pollutions, Prevention of infections by avoiding crowds (ppl w/ upper resp. problems), USE flu shots, low stress exercise
What is the etiology of incontinence?
Pressure on the bladder is too great OR sphincters are weak.
What is Urge incontinence?
It is when you want to go to the br and feel the urge to eliminate, but you cannot hold it any longer.
What is stress incontinence?
This is most common in women who have had children. There is too much pressure on the bladder when one sneezes or coughs.
What is overflow incontinence?
When a person has way more urine in the bladder. This person may feel that he has nnever fully emptied out his bladder.It can be dur to a physical obstruction such as prostate in men.
What is functional incontinence?
When you want to urinate but bc of some communication or physical problem, you cannot get to the br in time.
What is reflex incontinence?
Occurs due to spinal or neurological trauma or disease. There is lil or no sensation to urinate. Involunatry control of bladder
Total incontinence?
When a patient is ALWAYS wet. (pelvic surgery, spinal deformities)
What is kyphosis?
Kyphosis is an abnormal curve in the upper spine sometimes called "dowagers" hump. Muscled are weakened and lung capacity decreases. Air exchange is reduced.
What is osteoarthritis?
non-inflammatory; bone grows over bone, thus, stiffens. Degenerative joints disease. age 40+ > 90% affected.
What is rheumotoid?
systemic inflammatory; immune factor of origin, most common in women 60+
What is DRG?
Diagnostic related group- Pay a SET price according to the diagnosis for a hospitalized patient's care rather than the cost or charges billed by institutions. Thats why home healthcare is booming.
Summarize home health care of p. 978 in FoN?
Ill old adults leave hospital. They need limited assistance to function at their optimum level. Patient teaching for deficits, discharge planning, and appropriate home health agencies are essential. It is cost effective. Less stress for pt in familiar setting.
What service agencies exists that may help older adults in today's society?
meals on wheels, home health aide, homemaker, physical therapy..
What is OSHA?
Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act; HELP reduce safety hazards in the work place. Informs employees of harmful exposures and how to reduce or prevent risk of that exposure.
What is Medi-Care?
Persons 65+ who are disabled or have END-stage renal desiease; receiving care under physician, are homebound, and require intermittent SN or therapy services. HCFA determines eligibility, claims for payments, and process reimbursement
What is Medi-caid?
Program for low i ncome persons of all ages. Paid home health care. State and federally subsideized. Can accomodate children who require high tech care.
What is Certification by the state mean in home care agency terms?
In order for MediCaid to be reimbursed, the state MUST certify that the individual, institution, and educational program is evaluated and meets recognition of certain predetermined standards.
What is Accreditation of an outside agency according to home care ?
Outside agencies such as a professional association, or non-governmental agency (Nursing community health accred., joint commission) that grants recognition to a school or institution for demonstarted ability in a certain area of practice or training. Seeks "deemed status"