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Graduated Life Table
A mortality table in which the experience has been smoothed out by formula
Guaranteed Insurability
An option in Life and Health Insurance contracts that permits the insured to buy additional prescribed amounts of insurance at prescribed future time intervals without evidence of insurability
Guaranteed Renewable
A contract that the insured has the right to continue in force by the timely payment of premiums for a substantial period of time as set forth in the contract. During that period of time, the insurer has no right to make any change in any provision of the contract other than a change in the premium rate for all insureds in the same class. Contrast with Noncancellable, from which Guaranteed Renewable should be distinguis
Accidental Death Benefit
An extra benefit which generally equals the face of the contract or principal sum, payable in addition to other benefits in the event of death as the result of an accident. See also Double Indemnity and Multiple Indemnity
Extended Death Benefit
A group policy provision which will pay the life benefit when (1) the insured is totally and continuously disabled at the time the policyholder stops paying premium until the insured's death, and (2) if the insured dies within one year of the date the premium payments stopped, or prior to age 65
A person who may become eligible to receive or is receiving benefits under an insurance policy other than a participant. See also Irrevocable Beneficiary, Revocable Beneficiary, Primary Beneficiary, Secondary Beneficiary, Tertiary Beneficiary, and Contingent Beneficiary
Benefit Waiting Period
Face/Schedule Amount
The amount of Life(or accident) coverage which would be payable as a benefit to a beneficiary. So called because it usually identified on the "Face" or "Schedule" page of the policy