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what is the dosage
for v-tach / pulseless v-tach?
1 - 1.5 mg/kg repeated in 3 - 5 minutes to a maximum dose of 3mg/kg.
what does it do?
a sodium channel blocker that raises fibrillation threshold, suppresses ventricular ectopy and decreases automaticity
what would you use it to treat?
used in the management of ventricular ectopy, v-tach, and v-fib
what is the dosage for V-Tach with a pulse?
.5 - .75 mg/kg IV bolus repeated every 5-10 min as needed with a total dose of 3 mg/kg
what is the dose via endotracheal?
two to two and one half times the IV dose diluted in 10 ml of normal saline.
how can you give it?
IV push, Endotracheal, Intramuscular
what are the side effects?
May be lethal in bradycardia with ventricular escape rythym. CNS changes-muscle twitching, slurred speech, altered level of consciousness, seizures. use caution with patients over 70, with hepatic dysfunction and cardiovascular compromize.
what is the infusion rate?
1 GRAM IN 250ml D5W infused at 1-4 mg/minute