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For titles listed in the 505 (contents) tag -- for example, all songs in a music CD -- which tags could be used to retrieve those titles?
d. 740
The authors recommend that school librarians catalog their equipment in order to organize and control the equipment. When describing a piece of equipment, which GMD is used in the 245 tag?
c. realia
Besides providing a library with an OPAC, what are the advantages of automating a library?
a. helps staff increases overall productivity
b. helps students develop information and technology skills
Crucial considerations in the choice of an automation system are the ________________ offered by the vendor.
a. technical support services
If your library already has an automated system but you want to switch your cataloging and circulation records to a new system, what is this process called?
c. migration
MARC bibliographic formats for electronic data are similar to other MARC records except for the inclusion of the 856 tag. What information is found in the 856 tag?
d. URL addresses
The system that allows libraries to make their catalogs available online is called
b. Z39.50.
The first way that school librarians "organized" information on the Internet was to __________.
b. electronically bookmark the sites
The authors contend that school librarians should create links from the OPAC to the Internet because
a. it will reduce useless student "surfing" time
b. students will be assured of accessing quality sites
c. librarians will be seen as protecting our children from "evil sites"
In choosing Internet sites to catalog, look for those with stable URLs such as _________ sites.
b. government
c. education
Using the textbook information, compare the NASA web page cataloging with the NASA Mars web page cataloging. Which tag(s) is/are different?
a. 245
b. 505
c. 520
d. 856
Which tag(s) is/are not used in cataloging Internet sites?
a. 1XX
b. 300
It is important to buy an integrated system for automation because of this/these advantage(s):
a. it gives the library user one location to find pertinent information
b. it is more effective and accurate
c. it reduces errors and eliminates duplication of effort