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What type of paintings was Botticelli best known for?
female nudes
What paintings were commissioned for private Medici residence?
Primavera and The Birth of Venus
Who was the most important Florentine poet of the 1470's-80's?
Lorenzo the Magnificent
What did the Portinari Alterpiece do for Florence?
brought a fresh new vision to Florence
Who painted the Portinari Alterpiece?
Hugo van der Goes
The Primavera and The Birth of Venus are direct references to what?
classical mythology
What two painters used nature as a model for their work?
Cimabue, Giotto
Who is the symbol of the Renaissance?
Maicra Greca was based on what kind of traditions?
Byzantine traditions
The most expensive paintings were embelished with what?
gold leaf
Who painted figures that seem to "move and breathe, and expressed human emotion" ?
These kinds of artists shunned naturalism and instead emphasizd surface decoration.
medieval artists
What was one of the most importanat projects in the center of Florence?
the bronze doors for the Baptistery of San Giovanni
Who was the winner of the Old Testament panel project?
Lorenzo Ghiberti
What did the gilded bronze doors become known as?
the Gates of Paradise
The Adoration of the Magi: How is this compostion arranged?
In a Symmetrical Manner.
How is Botticell's Holy Family placed?
In a strange crumbling stone structure with a wood-dramed roof.
What is the decaying architecture meant to convey?
It is meant to convey the idea of the old order being replaced by a new Christian Age marked by the birth of Christ.
Who did Botticelli paint another version of the Adoration of the Magi for in 1475?
He painted another version for Saint Maria Novella in Florence, Italy.
What portraits did Botticelli include in his earlier work?
He included portraits of Cosimo.
The Holy Trinity: What technique did Masaccio use to paint the Holy Trinity?
He used the Fresco technique. It meant that he applied pigment directly to the wet plaster.
How did Masaccio create the illusion of volume?
He created the illusion of volume by organizing light and dark rationally on the surface of his figures.
What would the painting have looked like with its paired down symmetrical compostion?
It would have looked sober in comparision to the other contemporaneous works.
The Holy Trinity is said to be the first to what?
It is said to be the first to systematically apply Brunelleschi's linear perspective system. Masaccio has placed the vanishing point just below the base of the cross.
What does Masacco provide us with a rational vision of what?
It provides us of the space in which the crucifixion takes place, one that makes sense in human terms.
St. Mark: Why does the sculpture look out of proportioned if seen at eye level?
It seems out of proportioned because Donatello had to emply a sense of foreshadowing.
What was Donatello's quest while making St. Mark?
His quest was to create the most like-like and well proportioned work.
According to Vasari's story, wht did Donatello do?
Donatello put the sculture in place, covered it for 15 days, and then without working on it further, revealed it to the patrons.
Where is the modern copy of St. Mark located?
It is located in the niche of the exterior of the Oranmichele.
Where is the original St.Mark located?
It is now located in a museum inside the Oranmichele.
Vasari's trio of the greatest artists of the rennissance are?
Leonardo Da Vinci
How does botecelli depict the magi?
he shows them as having just arrived and paying homage to christ and the virgin mary
how does Botecelli's composition differ from the original by friars Lippi and Angelico?
it places the virgin& christ just off center, it also symbolizes the fall of the old religion, by placing the virgin within a crumbling structure
How did vasari envision Leonardo Da Vinci?
he was envisioned as a transitional artist who bridged the stylistic tendancies of the late fifteenth century with those of the early sixteenth century
What three gifts were being presented to the holy family?
gift of gold, frankinsence and myrrh
What was unique about massicio's work in comparison to his contemporaries?
his style is so much more naturalistic
what did leon battista alberta assoceate art with?
painting with geometry
what do most early fifteenth century paintings focus on?
reverence for the spiritual
what did the "international style" of art emphasize
elegant figures and sumptous surface decoration
who was one of Gentile da Fabriano's most important paintings, "the adoration of the virgin" painted for?
Palla Strozi
Who commissioned nanni di banco's "four crowned marytrs"?
the stone carvers and woodworkers guilds
what seemingly simple gesture removed the effect of containment for the sculptures?
by placing the toes of the sculpture off of the edge of the niche
who would become the most important sculptors for the first half of the fifteenth century?
which of Donatello's sculptures was commissioned for the linnen weavers guild?
St. Mark
when was st. mark commissioned?
circa 1411-1413
The International Style, with its Gothic Influence, was highly replaced in popularity by a move toward what styles?
naturalism and classicism
How did artists express human emotions in paintings?
Through action and facial expressions.
What type of paintings contiuned to dominate the larger and more costly commissions?
Religious paintings
Why did the protraiture become increasingly popular?
The growth of individualism
How was space oraganized in late 15th century art works?
Space was oraganized and based on the principles of linear perspective.
Who were two of the most important painters in the mid to late 15th century?
Domenico Ghirlandaio and Sandro Botticelli
Who was the sculpture of Saint Mark created for?
The linen weavers guild.
What material was the statue carved from?
A single block of marble
What type of pose is St. Mark in?
a classical contrappasto pose
How did Donatello emphasize the solidity of St. Mark?
He used the naturalistic carving of the drapery to emphasize it.
What did Donatello do with St. Mark that was innovative of his time?
He draped him in cloth that falls in naturalistic folds, revealing the body underneath.
How was drapery done in the Middle Ages?
Artists created many layers of folds that concealed any sense of body underneath.
How is St. Mark typical of the new art of the first half of the fifteenth century ?
The intensity in St. Mark's facial expressions.
What technique did Donatello employ to make St. Mark proportional when viewed from the street?
Why might the scultpture look out of proportion at eye level?
Because of the forshortening used to make it proportional from the street.