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Protodynastic Period in Egypt begin around ______.
3100 B. C.
Ancient Egyptian history is customarily divided into ____ dynasties and _____ major regnal periods.
31, 3
three major regnal periods were _______.
Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms
Who is Herodotus?
he was first to make an attempt at a factual history of Egypt.
Who divided Egyptian history into dynasties?
Who established a "sequence-date chronology"?
archeologist Flinders Petrie
true or false: Most historians agree that Ancient Egypt was divided into two distinctive parts for much of its prehistory.
describe the north and south of Egypt
north: lands of Lower Egypt
south: region of the Faiyum Oasis
True or False: Northern Egypt is labeled as "Lower" and Southern Egypt is labeled as "Upper"
Upper Egyptian cultural traits appear to have spread fully _____, and an Upper Egyptian power base would emerge to unite the _______
northward, "Two Lands"