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Which songs did Mozart compose?
Voi Che Sapete, String Quintet in G Minor K.516, and Die Zauberflote.
What is Mozart's full name?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
What period does Mozart belong?
It was primarily his ____ that exploited his reputation as one of the most gifted performers.
Piano concertos
Mozart inserted what at major points of articulation within sonata form?
When was he born and when did he die?
Where was Mozart born?
Salzburg, Austria
What is opera buffa?
a genre accommodates greater
Define a cappella
choral music without instrumental accompaniment
Define cadence
a progression of notes or chords that gives the effect of closing a passage of music
Define consonance
refers to a combination of sounds that is smooth and harmonious
Define dissonance
refers to combination of sounds that are rough and inharmonious
Define fugue
a type of composition or technique in which a melodic theme is subjected to melodic imitation
Define interval
the distance between two pitches
Define largo
very slow