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When was the Iliad from?
around 800 B.C.
Where was Homer born?
Homer's birthplace might be any one of the seven cities that claim him.
How was the poem passed on?
Through oral tradition.
How long can some epic poems last?
24 hours.
What kind of narrative style did the poems have?
Detached narrative style.
What was the main thing that caused the Iliad?
Paris carried Helen off to Troy, and the Greeks attacked Troy to recover Helen.
What caused Achilles to resent the Trojans?
They killed his friend, Patroclus.
Who ultimately deserts Hector when Zeus determined Achilles would be the victor?
What made the poetry easier to memorize and recite and more readily comprehended by the audience?
Narrative clarity, regular dactylic hexameter, and repeated lines.
"Achilles, the swift-footed" and "Hector, breaker of horses" are examples of what?
Stock epithets
Who is the king of Troy?
What two animals in the beginning of the poem are used to describe Achilles and Hecor?
A hound and fawn.
What characteristics does Hector have?
He is trusting and honorable.
How does Achilles display himself?
He displays himself as a skillful opponent, and he is a man eager for personal glory.
Which side does Athena favor?
The Greeks.