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Who were two of Greek's great writers and thinkers of poetry and philosophy?
Homer and Plato
Who wrote "Ode on a Grecian Urn"?
John Keats
According to legend and popular belief, who was the father of Western Literature?
What were two great epics?
The Odyssey and the Illiad
According to the Greeks, Homer was an ___, _______,and _______ bard.
old, blind, and wandering
How many different cities claim him as their own?
How were poems and works of literature passed down?
Through oral tradition
At what festival does a recitation of an epic last 24 hours?
Which tyrant of Athens had the epics transcribed?
Around 150 b.c., Alexandrian librarians divided the poem into how many books?
Is the ten year seige of Troy and the ten year journey of oddysseus accurate?
no, of course not
What kind of virtues do the poems emphasize?
Who was chosen to pick which of the three goddesses was the most beautiful?
Paris, the Prince a.k.a. Orlando Bloom....(bleechhhh)
Who did he choose and why?
Aphrodite because her bribe was the most attractive.
What is the problem with his choice?
The most beatiful woman on earth was already married to King Menelaus.