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Who is the "Father of Science"?
Who argued that since fire was the purest element, it shoudl be located at the position of pride, in the center of thin`gs?
Scientist universally credited by ancient authors with producing a sun-centered theory was ________.
Aristarchus of Samos
Who is the author of On the Sizes and Distances of the Sun and Moon?
what is stellar parallax?
If Earth moves in a circle, the stars should appear to more in the sky from one season to the next
True or False: There was a 1400 year gap between Ptolemy and Copernicus
False haha!
Who is Nicolas Copernicus?
the person generally reckoned to be the founder of modern astronomy and studied the Almagest closely.
what was Corpernicus' great achievement?
take the then-outlandish notion of heliocentricity and develop it to the point where it could be compared, exact prediction to exact prediction, to Ptolemy's Earth-centered-universe.
what are epicycles?
small crystal spheres
In his Sandreckoner, ________, discusses how to express very large numbers.
Who proposed heliocentric cosmos?
Aristarchus of Samos
European learning was based on the ____ sources that had been passed down
list some problems that astronomers faced at the beginning of the sixteenth century.
1. tables were deemed not to be sufficiently accurate.
2. Portuguese and Spanish expeditions to the Far East and America sailed out of sight of land for weeks on end
3. Calendar was no longer accurate.
Who instituted calendar?
Julius Caesar
Translate De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium into English.
on the revolutions of the celestial orbs
Define solar system
the sun and any objects in orbit around the sun or in orbit around an object orbiting the sun.
What is the most prominent of solar system?
List nine planets
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
What are objects of smaller size that are also in orbit around the sun?
asteroids & comets
How big is the solar system?
only planets, approximately 39 astronomicalunits.
List 3 theories of where planets, asteroid, and comets come from.
1. "captures theory"
2. planets spinning off the sun during the sun's evolution
3. disk of material formed around the protosun, along the solar equator.
What are planetesimals?
large chunks