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What is the name for life sized nude male figured?
In choosing to sculpt a nude figure, the artist sought these three senses....
timelessness, permanence, universality
What is the name for sculptures of women?
They were shown clothed because of what sense?
Who developed the tradition of monumental stone carvings?
Egyption artists
What do you call a vessel used to store liquids?
Using what technique would an artist think in reverse?
Red-figure tech
In what period did Greeks mark graves with memorial art?
Geometric period
Normally, what kind of form would it take?
a monumental vase
What was a very popular material for sculpture in ancient greece?
How would artists create a lost-wax bronze casting?
1. make a wax model that appoximated the look of the final sculpture
2. airvents would allow hot air out and the original wax would be melted out.
3. molten bronze would be poured in, the outside would be broken away, and voila!!! a ready-made bronze statue.
What was a primary characteristic of Hellenistic art?
it sought to involve the viewer through dramatic action and the imitation of nature.
Kouroi share characteristics with which figurative sculpture?
Where does the fertile cresent stretch?
modern da jordon and syria, through northern iraq an southwestern Iran to the Persian
What does the word "Mesopotamia" mean?
The land between the rivers