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Consists of people and comraderie
Consists of beliefs, values, traditions, and lifestyle
What are beliefs and values of the gay culture?
Appreciation of aesthetics (beauty) and freedom of sexual expression
What are traditions of gay culture?
Discos, dancing, softball, pride parade, and rite of passage
What are symbols of the gay culture?
Rainbow, pink triangle
Who are some heroes of the gay culture?
Matt Shepard
Brandon Teena
What are some languages of the gay culture?
Slang, body language, name calling, and institutions
What is a cultural norm?
A rule serving as a guideline for social behavior
What is Assimilation?
Being different when you join a society but then give up ur uniqueness (language,religion,customs)and merge with the crowd. this can happen voluntarily or be forced upon someone/group.
What is acculturation?
When a minority group merges with the dominant group as far as language, values and society norms.
What is cultural pluralism?
When different identities and cultures live together but neither ever gives up their distinct values to merge with the other
What is a subculture?
Groups of people that although they share some common norms with the dominant group in their society also have distinct values that they inherited from their own cultural traditions. Or when a group does things to dissassociate themselves from the dominant group
What is socialization?
A life-long process in which people learn about their culture
What is counter-culture?
When one consciously challenges or goes against cultural norms
What is a folkway?
Rules of behavior that if broken usually go unpunished. Example:not bringing a gift to a b-day party
What are mores?
rules of behavior that weigh more than folkways and going against them results in serious consequences.
What is a law?
codes of behavior written down as legal statutes and have severe consequences if broken
What are symbols?
Something that stands for something else
What is language?
symbolic means which people transmit the elements of their culture
What are values?
beliefs shared by people within a society in terms of what is consideredgood and bad, right and werong, desirable and undesirable
What are material items?
artwork,artifacts,machinesand utensils of a group.differences between social classes, attitudes, religion, and use of leisure time
What is an essentialist?
Someone who believes that masculinity and femininity is inbred and inborn
What is a constructivist?
Someone who believes that gender differences are social (they're a performance)rather than biological
What is differential treatment?
the fact that from bith, males and females are treated differently
What is identification with role models?
The effect of identifying w/pple of the same sex on masculinity and femininity
What is sex=biology?
When sex is determined by physical attributes such as reproductive anatomy, body hair, voice...etc
What is sex=activity?
Sex based on hehavior and expression of love and sexual feelings toward one another
What is Gender?
being a "man" or "woman"
What is gender attribution?
assigning a gender to someone based on physical attributes
What is assigned Gender?
gender based on certain body as male and certain bodies as female
What is gender identity?
Personal psychology. one's own internal sense of being male, female or neither.
What are gender roles?
all the things you're expected to do based on your assigned gender
What is affectional/sexual orientation?
or people you form romantic attachments and partnerships and with whom you express yourself sexually
What is Gender expression?
what we do to communicate our gender to others. ex: dress,behavior,vocal quality
What is transgender?
those who cross the lines of gender expression
What is a transexual?
Someone who have surgically changed their bodies to match their gender identity
What is intersexual?
being born with partial or full physical characteristics of both sexes
What is to identify?
One's internal self opposed to what people observe or assume
What is sexual/affectional orientation?
an emotional, romantic or sexual affectional attraction toward another person.
Define Gay
sexual/affectional orientation toward a person of the same sex
Define lesbian
A woman whose sexual/affectional orientation is toward another woman
Define bisexual
a person whose sexual/affectinal orientation is toward pple of both sexes
Define LGBT or GLBT
(Lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender) more diversity than the term "gay"
define queer
derogatory term for gay men and lesbians
Define homophobia
fear of sexual attraction to one's own sex
Define internalize homophobia
homophobic attitudes on the part of pple in the lgbt community as a result of general homophobia exhibited by the dominant culture
Define heterosexual
sexual/affectional orientation toward members of the other sex
Define "straight"
common term for a homosexual individual
Define heterosexism
belief that heterosexuals are of higher values than lgbt individuals
Define heterocentrism
Belief that heterosexuality is the "rule" and every aspect of society should be made to support the needs of heterosexuals
What is gay pride?
parades and festivals and events that are designed to protray a positive sense of the lgbt community and political and social empowerment for these pple
What is an ally?
someone who is not part of the lgbt community but supports it
What is meant by the term "come-out"?
disclosing one's sexual/affectional orientation to tohers
Define "closet"
lgbt individuals who have not disclosed their sexual/affectional orientation to others
What is meant by the term "ex-gay"
movements or organization that believe that they can change one's sexual/affectional orientation through faith-based means or psychological treatment
Homosexual vs. gay
homosexual=mental disorder
lgbt pple prefer gay b/c it means community rather than clinic
Preference vs. orientation
preference=superficial choice
lgbt community prefers orientation
life vs. lifestyle
life=makeing one's way in the world
lgbt community prefers life