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C5 (s)
cricoid cartilage, start of esophagus
C7 (s)
apex of lung
T3 (s)
aorta reaches spine; tracheal bifurcation
T4 (s)
aortic arch ends; upper border of the heart
T8 (s)
lower border of the heart; central tendon of the diaphragm
T10 (s)
lower border of the lung; cardia of the stomach; upper border of the kidney
T12 (s)
lowest end of pleura; pylorus
L1 (s)
hilum of kidney; renal arteries; superior mesenteric artery
L2 (s)
spinal cord terminates; pancreas; duodenojejunal flexure
L3 (s)
lower border of kidney
L4 (s)
bifurcation of aorta
L5 (s)
inferior vena cava begins
xiphisternal plane
T9 (vb) [upper border of liver]
transpyloric plane
L1 (vb) [tips of the 9th costal cartilage]
subcostal plane
L3 (vb) [10th costal cartilage]
supracristal plane
L4 (vb) [highest point of the iliac crest; bifurcation of the aorta]
transtubercular plane
L5 (vb) [tubercles of the iliac crest; origin of the IVC]
interspinous plane
sacral promontory [through ASIS]
punic crest plane
nipples [in man]
4th intercostal space
kidney, superior pole, R
12th rib
kidney, superior pole, L
11th & 12th ribs
superior angle of the scapula
T2 (s)
inferior angle of the scapula
T7 (s)
jugular notch
T2 (vb)
sternal angle
T4/T5 (iv disc)
2nd-6th ribs
central tendon of diaphragm
T9 lying
T9/T10 (iv disc) standing
L ventricle
5th intercostal space
transverse thoracic plane
T4/T5 (iv disc)
R & L brachiocephalic vv unite at
1st intercostal cartilage
pass through the diaphragm at T8
IVC, R phrenic n, pericardiophrenic a.
pass through the diaphragm at T10
esophagus & vagus nn.
pass through the diaphragm at T12
thoracic aorta & thoracic duct
celiac trunk
upper border, L1
superior mesenteric artery
lower border, L1
origin of the renal aa
inferior mesenteric artery
bifurcation of aorta
joining of common iliac veins to form IVC
esophagus passes through the diaphragm at
T10 (vb)
esophagus terminates at
lies against L ribs, #9-11
costal portion, diaphragm
7th-9th costal cartilages; distal ends of ribs 10-12
renal aa arise at
L1/L2 (iv disc)
visceral afferent nn end at
referred pain, kidney stones
cisterna chyli
sigmoid colon becomes the anal canal at
sacral promontory
S1 (vb)