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How is leukemia classified/
course of disease & cell inlvoved
What is the course of most adult leukemia? (acute or chronic)
Bone marrow produces young, undifferentieated cells; often called , blasts in chronic or acute leukemia
acute leukemia
Bone marrow produces differentiated mature WBC but non-functioning , in acute or chronic leukemia?
Etiology of leukemia can be exposure to chemicals such as [..] or , chemotherapy
Etiology of leukemia can be exposure to chemicals such as benzene or , [..]
Majority of leukemia in adults (89%) is what type?
actue nonlymphblastic leukemia (ANLL)
Actue nonlymphoblastic leukemia (ANLL) is also called?
actue myelogenous
Age of peak incidence of ANLL (acute nonlymphoblastic leukemia) is?
Age of peak onset of chronic myelogenous leukemia?
leukemia w/clinical manisfestions: mouth sores & minimal , lymphadenopathy
ANLL (actue nonlymphoblastic leukemia) / actue myelogenous
leukemia w/clinical manifestations of: massive spenomegaly, , incrased sweating, bone pain
chronic myelogenous leukemia
Leukemia which will have the presensce of philadelphia chromosome?
chronic myelogenous leukemia
What is a complication seen with chronic myelogenous , leukmia?
Blast Crisis
What is blast crisis, which may be seen in chronic myelogenous , leukemia?
change from chronic to acute condition
What treatment is recommended during a blast crisis
pt is refractory (unresponsive) to treatment
This leukema has no early symptoms & usually detected in , examination , for unrelated conditions?
chronic lymphocytic leukemia
this leukemia has an age of onset between 50-70 and a predominance , in men?
chronic lympocytic leukemia
intial goal of treatment for leukemia?
no evidence of disease (NED) on exam & bone maorrow & peripheral , blood appear normal is what type remission?
complete remission
remission characterized by no overt clinical disease & normal , peripheral blood smear but evidence of disease is in the bone marrow?
partial remission
What's the goal of chemo given to a BMT pt?
destroy bone marrow including stem cells
what type of pt would recieve chemo with the purpose of destroying , their bone marrow including stem cells?
BMT (bone marrow transplant)
How is a bone marrow transplant infused?
like blood through a central line
What are the 3 types of bone marrow transplants?
allogenic, autologus & syngenic
This type of bone marrow transplant is usually from a sybling and is , HLA (human leukocyte antigen) matched to make sure it , histocomaptible?
This type of bone marrow transplant is from one's own marrow , harvested during remission
This type of bone marrow transplant is from an indential twin?
About how long does it take before transplanted bone marrow starts , to produce cells?
2-4 weeks
What may be given during the first few weeks after marrow transplant , while waiting for the marrow to being producing cells?
growth factors
What is the stage called after tarnsplant but before the bone marrow , begins to produce cells?
A pt will start to feel better shortly after a bone marrow transplant , <T/F>
false, still at risk of dying during entrampment phase, (waiting for , marrow to being producing cells)
How is doner blood for peripheral stem cell trasplantation , collected?
What component of the blood is taken from the doner for , peripheral stem cell transplant (the rest of the blood is , returned to the doner)?
stem cells
Which pt recoves quicker, bone marrow or peripherial stem cell , transplant?
periherial stem cell transplant (PSCT)
What is a potential added bonus of recieving a peripheral stem cell , transplant
donated stem cells may attack remaing cancer cells
What is the only type of transplant that graft vs host disease (GVHD) , can occur?
This condition can occur when a immunoincompetent pt is infused with , immunocometent cells
GVHD (graft vs host disease)
this reaction can occur when an infsuion of any blood product is given , & cotnains viable lymphocytes?
GVHD (graft vs host disease)
Which cell initiates an immun respone to the tissues of the recipient, , cause GVHD?
T lymphocyte
What symptom may be seen with the skin in GVHD?
puritic rash (maybe painful)
What happens to liver enzymes with GVHD?
What can be done to the blood to prevent GVHD?
remove donor T-cells
What can meds can be given to pt during engraphment period to , prevent GVHD (3 meds)
prednisone &/or cyclosprine & methotrexate
Pt may be on this med for up to a year following marrow transplant to , avoid GVHD?
When might you be looking for GVHD to occur, post-transplant
7-30 days
Why would you radiate cells prior to transpant (for prevention of , GVHD)?
prevent t-cell replication
Each time there is a relapse the succeeding [..] may be more , difficult to , achieve & shorter in duration?
4 phases/stages of chemotherapy
induction, intensification, consolidation, maintenance
during this phase of chemotherapy the goal is to induce a remission?
During this phase of chemotherapy high dose drugs are given for , several months
When is the intensification phase of chemotherapy begun?
immediatley after induction therapy
Goal during this phase of chemotherapy is to eleiminate remaining , leukemic cells?
During this phase of chemotherpay drugs are given every 3-4 weeks , and may last for years
The goal of this phase of chemotherapy is to maintain remission?
This leukemia can have high or low WBC with myeloblasts?
ANLL (actue non-lympoblastic leukemia) / acute myelogenous