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Measures of Association
statistical procedures that measure the strength of the relationship between two variable and is used used when the research problem is concerned with predicting the value of one variable from knowledge of the value of another variable
Pearson’s rxy
a statistical procedure that measures covariance—the strength and direction of the relationship between two variables X and Y. (-1 an inverse relationship, 0 no relationship, +1 a positive relationship)
Coefficient of Determination r2
that portion of the total variance of a variable accounted for by the value of another variable. In other words, r2 represents the ratio of the variance explained by the correlation between the two variables to the total variance in both.
Correlation Matrix
the standard form for reporting the results of an array of correlations
Bivariate Linear Regression
the straight-line relationship between X and Y of the form (y=mx +b)
Least-Squares Method of Regression Analysis
a mathematical technique for finding the equation of the line—the regression line—that best fits the relationship between X and Y
Logic of Least-Squares Method
No straight line can include every point in a scatter diagram, any line drawn through the scatter diagram will generate errors, and the method of least squares finds the line for which the sum of the errors squared is the minimum
the F-ratio is the appropriate statistical test for the significance of the explained variance