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A. done in an underhanded manner; tricky; shify

B. straying from a straight ir direct cource

C. departing from the correct or proper way; erring
Deliberate deception or tricky by speaking or acting in 2 different ways concerning the same matter.
Fictictious (adjective)
A. Adopted or assumed in order to decieve; false

B. Of fiction imaginary unreal
guileless (adjective)
free of slyness or craftness; simple and innocent
gullible (adjectibe)
easily decieved or fooled
Hyprocritical (adjective)
pretending to have some desirable or publicly approved attitude; insecere
masquerade (verb)
A. To have or put on deceptive apperance; to wear a mask or diguise

B. A diguise or false outward show; pretense

C. a dance or party at which masks and fancy costumes are worn

D. An involved scheme
Overt (adjective)
Open and observable; apperant
Reputable (ajective)
having a good name; well thought of; honerable
Veracity (noun)
A. devotion to the truth; honesy

B. Conformity to truth or fact accuracy and preception
Behold (verb)
To gaze at; look upon
dicernment (noun)
keenness or sharpness in detecting, distinuishing or seleting
envision (verb)
to picture in the mind
Forsee (verb)
To see or to Know beforhand
Gape (verb)
A. To stare in amazement with the mouth open

B. To open the mouth wide; Yawn

C. open wide
Impressionistic (adjective)
A. Of or pertaining to a highly personalized response based on resone or fact

B. Reflecting a style of painting of the late nineteenth century that is markes by concentrtation on the impression creating by the subject
Insight (noun)
A. the ability to see and understand the true nature of somthing

B. The idea if the true nature of somthing
Myopia (noun)
A. shortsightedness or lack of good judgement in thinking or planning

B. Nearsightedness
Perceptive (Adjective)
A. Having the ability to be keenly aware if things and situation; knowing

B. Marked by understanding
Survey (verb)
A. To examin ir look at broadly.

B. to inpect carfully srutinize
Cosmopolitan (adjective)
sophisticated in an international way
Geopolitics (noun)
The study of the realationshop between geography and politics
impolitic (adjective)
Unwise; not exibiting good judment.
megalopolis (noun)
A unified urban region comprising several large cities and their surrounding areas
Metropolitan (adjective)
pertaining to a major city
Policy (noun)
a general plan, principle, or cource of action followed by organization or an individual
Politico (noun)
An informal or journalistic term for a politician
surburban (adjective)
characteristics of the suburbs, the mainly residential areas surrounding large cities
urban (adjectibe)
like a city; characteristics of cities
urbane (adjective)
Elegantly polite abd sophisticated