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Fama, Famae,
F, report, fame
Defamation, Famous
Familia, Familiae
F. household, family
Familial, Familiar
Fortuna, Fortunae
F. fortune, fate; plural:property
fortunate, misfortune
Puella, Puellae
F. girl
Terra, Terrae
F. land, earth
terrain, territory
Vita, Vitae
F. life
Vital, Vitamin
Bona, Bonae
Bonbon, bonus
Durus, Dura
hard, harsh, cruel
durable, duress
Magnus, Magna, Magnum
Large, great, much, loud
Magnify, Magnitude
Parvus, Parva, Parvum
Small, Low
Amant, amo,
Love, loved, like
Amateur, amatory
Portant, Porta, portae
F. gate, door
Portable, porter