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administrative rights
permission to make changes on a computer system
adminstrator account
collection of information that determins which files you may access and which settings you can use
a small program that instructs an operating systemon how to operate specfic hardware
embedding operateing system
simular in the princpal to operating systems such as window or linux, embedded opperating sysems are smaller and generally less capable then desktop operating systems
emulation card
a card that provides the ability for the computer to run a program that was designed for a different operating system
file system
determines thedifferent ways files or stored on a disk
handheld operating system
operateingh system for mobil devices
a varent of unix operating system
mac OS X
macintosh operateing system
operating system(OS)
system software that provides an interface between the user or application program and the computer hardware
palm OS
an operateing system that runs on palm handheld and other third party devices
system adminstrtor
a user who has admistrator acount
operating system devloped by AT&T it is considered potable meaning it can run onn just about any hardware platform
windows enabled CE
an operating sytem designed for devices such as digtal cameras, surcurty reboots intelegent applicesgameing devices gps ANDSET-TOP BOXES