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Database software
Software that makes it possible to create and maintain large collections of data.
Distance learning
Schooling concept in which students in remote locations receive instruction via telecommunications technology.
Graphics software
Application used to create artwork with a computer.
Multimedia software
Application used to create output that integrates several different types of media such as text, images, audio, video, and animation.
Personal information management software
Software designed to organize and manage personal tasks, appointments, and contacts.
Presentation software
Software that is used to create and edit information to present in an electronic slide show format.
Problem solving
A systematic approach of going from an initial situation to a desired situation.
Relational database
A collection of interconnected database tables that can be searched without knowing how the tables are organized.
Search engines
Tools that allow you to enter a keyword to find sites on the Internet that contain information you need.
Spreadsheet software
Used to store, manipulate, and analyze numeric data.
The application of scientific discoveries to the production of goods and services that improve the human environment.
Electronic transfer of data.
Telecommunications service in which parties in remote locations can participate via telephone in a group meeting.
Word-processing software
Software you use to prepare text documents such as letters, reports, flyers, brochures, and books.
An organized table of financial or other numerical information.