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Center (symbols)
1.^x(this is x bar):
this is sample mean
Sample Median
Location (symbols)
Q1, Q2, Q3 :
Sample Quartiles
Mathematical Notation
(sigma): sum of numbers
x1: first in a set of values
xi: i'th value
n: number of values in a set
Imp point
Mean is the pont where the graph will balance if triangle out underneath it on x axis.
1. Order data
2.If n is even take av. of two middle no.
3. If n is odd take the middle value
Note: are to the left of median is approx = are to left due to same no of observations on each side
Applet Mean v Median conclusion
The farther the outlier was from the median on the right the farther was the mean fromt he median.
Mean v Median
Skewed Distributions:
Median is best as mean is affected by outliers
Symmetric Distr:
Both but mean mostly due to mathematical properties.