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eloquent (adj.)
well spoken
Let's Talk About It
e, loqu
He speaks eloquently
loquacious (adj.)
very talkative
Let's Talk About It
loqu, ious
My sister is very loquacious
circumlocution (n)
talking around the subject
Let's Talk About It
circum, loqu
He talk with the administration circumlocution
colloquial (adj.)
conversing with everyday language
Let's Talk About It
co, loqu
He talks very colloquially
grandiloquent (adj.)
speaking in a pompous way
Let's Talk About It
grand, loqu, ent
He is so grandiloquent
elocution (n.)
expressive delivery of public speech
Let's Talk About It
e, loqu, tion
Elocution his Matt's name when he is talking at an assembly
pontificate (v)
to speak pompously
Let's Talk About It
He likes to pontificate like a nerd
Verbose (adj.)
Let's Talk About It
He is so verbose and annoying
Verbatim (adv.)
word for word
Let's Talk About It
I followed my teachers instructions verbatim
Soliloquy (n)
a speech to one's self
Let's Talk About It
solo, loqu
His soliloquy is very sad, he keeps talking to himself about suicide
discursive (adj.)
straying from the topic
Let's Talk About It
dis, curs
He is always discursive