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got up early
se levanto temprano
did aerobic exercises
hizo ejercicio aerobico
walked to the university
camino a la universidad
participated in class
participo en clase
returned to home
volvio a casa
went for a walk with the dog
dio un paseo con su perro
read the email
leyo su correo electronico
paid the bills
pago unas cuentas
did his/her homework
hizo su tarea
ate late
ceno tarde
went to bed early
se acosto temprano
went in a car to the office
fue en carro a la oficina
went out of the office
salio de la oficina
talked to a friend
llamo a una amiga
watched the television and ate
vio la television y comio
last weekend
el fin de semana pasado
last week
la semana pasada
last night
what did elena do yesterday?
que hizo elena ayer?
whwat did the professor do last nite?
que hizo la profesora anoche?
hacer means to do, so
to say what one did
he talked
el hablo
she got up
el se levanto
he ate
el comio
she went out
ella salio
i ate
yo come
i talked
yo hable
i ate
yo comi
i went out
yo sali
i got up
yo se levante
you spoke
tu hablaste
you got up
tu levantaste
the student got up late, ate in the cafeteria, and left
el estudiante se levanto tarde, comio en la cafeteria y salio
he read
el leyo
he slept
el durmio
he could
el pidio
he served
el sirvio
he corrected
el corrigio
he got dressed
se vistio
she ate lunch
ella almorzo
she chatted
ella charlo
she listened to
ella escucho
she drove
ella manejo
he woke up
el se desperto
he stayed
el se quedo
he ate
el comio
he read
el leyo
he went
el vio
he returned
el volvio
he attended
el asistio
he went out
el salio
he walked
el anduvo
he knew
el condujo
he gave
el dio
he said/told
el dijo
he was
to be
he was
he did
he was able
el pudo
he found out
el supo
he had
el tuvo
he came
el vino