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Curtail (v)
v. to cut short or reduce
Discriminate (v) (n)
- to make or recognize clear distinctions
- to treat in a less or more favorable way

- the reccognition of clear distinctions
- the act of making a distinction in favor of or agaisnt a person or thing on the basis of the group or category rather than acccording to actual merit
- the act of making fine distinctions; good or refined taste
Espionage (n)
the act of spying, especially a government spy obtaining secrets of another government
Inalienable (adj)
not able to be taken or given away
Incarcerate (v)
to confine or to put in prison
Indignity (n)
an insult to one's pride; offensive or humiliating treatment
Infamous (adj)
Infamy (n)
- having a very bad reputation; notorious
- disgraceful; vicious
Indiscriminate (adj)
not makred by careful distinctions; haphazard
Intercede (v)
to act of pleaad on another's behalf; to try to smooth the differences betweent wo parties
Malign (v) (adj)
- to say negative and unfair things about; slander

- evil; showing ill will
Perpetrate (v)
Perpetrator (n)
to commit, as a crime or other antisocial act
Rampant (adj)
threateningly wild, wihtout restraint or control; widespread
Rancor (n)
a deep, long-held feeling of hatred or bitterness
Reparation (n)
- a mending or repair
- a making up or payment for a wrong or damage done, especially in te case of an international war (usually plural)
Smattering (n)
- superficial, scatterd knowledge
- a small amount