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What other buttons appear as Control Buttons in an application window?
The maximum ( or restore down) and close button.
What happens when you double click the title bar in an appplication window?
The size of the window changes.
Name 3 types of controls found in a dialog box?
Drop down lists
Radio buttons
Slider controls
How do you open the Display Properties dialog box?
Right click on the Desktop
Through the Control Panel category Apperance and Themes
What happens when you right-click on a desktop icon?
The program shortcut appears
How is the left column of the Start menu organized?
It is devided into two lists:
Pinned Items List
Frequently Used Items List
What is the My Recent Documents menu on the Start menu used for?
Lists files and documents
ep. Pictures or Word processing documents
which you've worked on lately
Name 2 toolbars found on the Taskbar?
Quicklaunch Toolbar
Address Toolbar
What are 2 things you can do to protect your computer from unauthorized users?
Change your password frequently
Log off or shut down