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to hear & settle a case by judicial procedure

(the court ... the case)

(it takes patience to ... in a dispute between friends)
having the power to hear appeals & reverse lower court decisions

(the ... court upheld the verdict of the lower court)

(an ... decision by the state court can be overturned by the supreme court) how???
A secret agreement for a deceitful/fraudulent purpose; conspiracy

- often implies an attempt to defraud a person of his rights by the forms of law

(There was ... on the part of this committee to deny me the chairmanship)

(don't you dare to act in collusion with my enemy)
written testimony under oath by a witness in his/her absence
something that is just,fair; value of abusiness/property in excess of any claim against it (?); justice appliced in instances not covered by law

(...demands that the solution to this problem does not bring undue hardship to one group and windfall profits to another)

(the family ... in the estate amounted to ten thousand dollars)
to dig out of the earth; disinter; reveal

(i got a court order to exhume the body)

(it took 10 years of digging in the library to exhume the material that i needed for my expose of corruption)
without the means or right of communication with others, as one held in solitary confinement

(in order to avoid offending others, it is sometimes necessary for me to be ... on sensitive issues)

(i suggest you remain ...until the charges against her are made public)
having made no valid will

(he had died ...)

(his property as left by an ... is a complicated matter)
Ipso Facto
by the fact itself; by that very fact
the right to take & hold / sell the property of a debtor as security or payment for a debt; mortgage

( a ... was placed against the Russian vessel that had violated the newly-declared fishing territorial waters)
legal action/process

(the ... over the closing of the child care centers dragged on for months)

(after years of ..., only the lawyers made any money from the case)
describing someone who who sues at the drop of a hat
the deliberate, wilful giving of false, misleading, incomplete testimony by a witness under oath in a criminal proceeding

(at lovers' ..., jove laughs)

(as the guest left, he thanked the hostess with as much enthusiasm as he could muster without actually perjuring himself)
someone who bicker or quibble over trifles or unimportant matters
any wrongful act not involving breach of contract for which a civil suit can be brought

breach of contract = breaking a contract
a seat/court of justice

(The Supreme Court is the highest ... of our nation)

(an honest man is answerable to no tribunal but his own judgment)