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Interloper (n)
one who intrudes by meddling or trespassing on rights of others

interlope (v)
Internecine (adj)
v.destructive to both sides in a conflict;involving salughter, carnage

relating to struggle or conflict w/in a group, org. or nation
Interpolate (v)
to insert or add something between other parts. esp text/written work

to introduce material that severly alters a text or falsifies it.

interpolation (n) interolative (adj)
Interregnum (n)
Any period of time when a state is w/o a ruler or has a provisional gov. btw reign of a soveriegn/succesor
Interpose (v)
to insert btw parts of something; to interject in conversation

to apply pressure or influence: to meddle: to interfere

interposition (n)
Juxtapose (v)
to place side by side

juxtaposition (n)
Propinquity (n)
nearness, proxmity

Rapprochment (n)
reconciliation: restoration of cordial relations especially btw 2 countries
Quiescent (adj)
at rest; dormant; motionless

quiescence (n)
Acquiesce (v)
to agree or consent w/o any objection.

acquiescence (n)
acquiescent (adj)
Requiem (n)
a mass or service for the repose of dead; music poetry or other composition for the dead.
Unrequited (adj)
Not reciporcal: not given in payment or returned in kind.

unrequitable (adj)
Obtruse (adj)
difficult to understand,complex

abstruseness (n)
Extrude (v)
to push or thrust out a liq or malleable substance tht retains or solidifies into a predetermined shape.

extrusion (n)
Obtrude (v)
To force one's ideas or oneself insistently upon others.

To thrust or push out: to protude noticeable, often in an undesirable way.

obtruder/obtrusiveness/obtrusion: (n)

obtrusive (adj)