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fluminis n.- river, sea
(noun) iter
itineris n. - journey
(noun) signum
signi n. - sign, signal
(noun) genus
generis n. - kind, birth, class, race
(noun) miles
milites m. - soldier
acris, acre - sharp, keen, fierce
inimica, inimicum - unfriendly, hostile

Noun- Personal enemy
utile - usefull
accidere, accidi, accisus - cut into
efficere, effeci, effectus - make, bring about, accomplish, complete, produce, cause
valere, valui, valiturus - be strong, be well, be powerful, prevail
capere, cepi, captus - take, seize, capture,

monere, monui, monitus - admonish, warn, advise

terrere, terrui, territus - scare, terrify
vincere, vici, victus- conquer, defeat
consulere, consului consultus - consult