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the whole prospect was hideos, mean, LUGUBRIOUS, and insignificant
gloomy, dismal, mournful (adj)
it seems that while M. Maglouire was out making supper, she had heard the news in SUNDRY places
several, various (adj.)
monsier to a convict is a glass of water to a man dying of thirst at sea. IGNOMINY thirsts for respect
pulbic disgrace or dishonor, disgraceful conduct
... painted that looked like a man carrying on his back another man wearing the heavy EPAULETTES of a general...
ornamental shoulder pieces worn on uniforms, chiefly by military officers
... perhaps her towering form and her broad shoulders, those of a moveable COLOSSUS, ...
a statue or building of gigantic size or proportion
he had gray hair, a serious eye, the brown complexion of a laborer, and the thoughtful COUNTENANCE of a philosopher
although he was no longer young, it was reported that he was of PRODIGIOUS strength
impressively large in force, size, or extent
he would steal into houses in the evening, and FURTIVELY mount the stairs
done by stealth, stealthy/sneaky
he was AFFABLE and sad
being pleasant and at ease in talking to others, characterized by ease & FRIENDLINESS
the conclusion was that he was in some way related to the VENERABLE bishop
made sacred by religious conetation
one evening, one of the DOWAGERS of that little great world, curious by right of age....
a dignified widow holding property or title from her deceased husband
at first there had been, as always happens with those who rise by their own efforts, slanders and CALUMNIES against...
a misrepresentation intended to harm another's reputation
the prosecution said: "we have no merely a fruit thief, a MARAUDER; we have here, in our hands, a bandit, an outlaw...
a robber who steals from one's land
... an old convict, a most dangerous wretch, a MALEFACTOR, called Jean Valjean, of whom justice has long been in pursuit...
one who commits an offense against the law
"Javert is an ESTIMABLE man..."
worthy of respect
"... who does honor to inferior but important functions by his rigorous and strict PROBITY."
adherance to high principles and ideals, HONESTY
he had tended flocks in the mountains, and from shepherd had glided into BRIGANDAGE
the act of being a part of a group of bandits
cochepaille was not less UNCOUTH than he accused, and appeared still more stupid.
... evidently sincere and in good faith had excited in the audience a murmur of evil AUGURY for the accused...
a murmur of bad omen
to the first commotion of astonishment had succeeded a SEPULCHRAL silence
of or relating to a tomb
"listen, you honors: a man so ABASED..."
to lower in rank, office, prestige, or esteem
"...a man so abased as i has no REMONSTRANCE ro make with..."
an earnest objection or complaint
"... but, mark you, the INFAMY from which i have..."
evil reputation brought about by something grossly criminal, shocking or brutal
"...but mark you, the infamy from which i have sought to rise is PERNICIOUS to men."
he went out, and the door closed as it had opened, for those who do deeds SOVERIGNLY great are always sure of being served by somebody in the multitude.
of the most exalted kind, excellent