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Most estrogen patches apply twice weekly. What are the exceptions?
1) Estradiol TS (generic, Mylan)

2) Climara (once a week)

3) Climera Pro (once a week)
What is the MOA of Plavix?
ADP inhibitor
What class of...
- Argatroban (adjust for liver)
- Lepirudin (Refludan)-> adj. for renal function
- Bivalirudin (Angiomax)--> adjust for renal function
Direct thrombin inhibitors (DTI)
What class of
- Abciximab (Repro)
- Eptifibitide (Integrilin)
- Tirofiban (Aggrastat)
Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa

(Must be give with heparin and aspirin)
What class of
- Streptokinase (STK)
- Anistreplase (APSAC)
- Urokinase (Abbokinase)
- Alteplase (Activase)
- Reteplase (Activase)
- Tenecteplase (TNKase)
Thrombolytics and Fibrinolytics
Meperidine (Demerol)has XXX effect (maybe useful in patients with bradycardia).
XXXX --> anti-cholinergics
What are the 5 major risk factors for CHD?
1. Cigarette smoking
2. HTN, or on Anti-HTN meds
3. Low HDL
4. Family history
5. Age (m>45, f>55)
Which HMG CoA reductase inhibitor needs take with FOOD and take at PM?
Lovastatin (Love FOOD at night) Mevacor
Which HMG CoA reductase inhibitors need to take at PM?
1) Lovastatin
2) Fluvastatin
3) Simvastatin
What are the 2 statins no renal adjustment?
1. Lipitor
2. Fluvastatin (Lescol) 2C9 inhibitors
What are the CI in using combined OC pills?
1. age > 35 and smoking
2. DVT
3. Breastfeeding
4. Breast cancer
What are estrogen pharmacology?
1. Endometrial proliferation
2. Inhibits ovulation by suppressing release of FSH and LH
3. Accelerate ovum transport, decreased fertilation
What are progestin pharmacology?
1. Suppress ovulation by decreased LH
2. Thicken cervical mucus
3. Endometrial transformation
What is the unique about Triphasil (EE/P) combination?
EE: 30/40/30 mcg
Levo: 0.05/0.075/0.125 mg

Both (EE/Levo) change three times
What 3 oral birth control pills can be used for acne?
1. Ortho-Tricyclen
2. Estrostep Fe
3. Yasmin
What is the unique formulation about Mircette?

EE/desogestrel (20 mcg/0.15 mg) for 21 days, placebo x 2 days; and EE 10 mcg for 5 days
Used for menstrual migraines, mood swings associated with estrogen withdrawal
What is the monitoring parameter Yasmin and Yaz?

Yasmin EE (30 mcg) for 21 days

Yaz EE (20 mcg) for 24 days
K+ level (drospirentone blocks aldosterone receptors--> increased Na/H2O excretion --> Increased K+ retention
Seasonale vs. Seasonique

(EE 30 mcg/ levo 0.15 mg for 84 days)
No placebo in Seassonique
(7 days in Seasonale)
What are indications for MINI-pills? (progestin only)
1. smokers
2. Breastfeeding
3. people who are CI to estrogen and migraine sufferers
List few examples of Mini-pills (Norethindrone 0.35 mg)
1. Camila
2. Errin
3. Micronor

- No placebo pills
- Must take at the same time every day
Ortho Evra Patch

(more estrogen exposure than oral OCP)
Apply once a week for 3 weeks

(Fertility returns 19 days after ring is removed.)
1 ring for 3 weeks
(no Sunday starts. Day 1 to day 5 during menstrual cycle)
Depo Provera can be given IM or SQ. Give Q3 months.
IM: 150 mg Medroxyprogesterone acetate

SQ: 104 mg
Mirena (Intrauterine device)
last for 5 years
Implanon (implants birth cnotrol device)
for 3 years
Too much estrogen in birth control pills.
1. Bloating
2. INcreased BP
3. Breast tenderness
Too much progestin in birth control pills.
1. Fatigue
2. Change mood
Adverse efects of Thiazide diuretics.

1. Hypovolemia

2. electrolytes

3. Metabolic: increased

4) dermatologic: rash and photosensitivity
a) Hypo: K, Na, Mg, Cl
b) Hyper: Ca
c) Blood glucose
d) Lipid
e) Uric acid
Thazide diuretics should use cautionsly in...

A. Diabetes
B. Gout
C. CrCl< 30 ml/min (except for Metalozone and Indapamide)
ACE inhibitors inhibit Bradykinin breakdown. What the side effects from ACEi are due to Bradykinin?
1. Cough
2. Angioedema
3. Rash
4. Loss of taste
ARBs: Angiotensin receptor Blockers.

Dosage: B
A. Block AT1 receptors

B. QD dosing
Verapamil and Diltiazem are sustrators and inhibitors of ????.
P450 3A4
List 3 BB drugs can be used in HTN urgency.
1. Captopril
2. Clonidine
3. Labetolol
What is Anti-HTN DOC for pregnant women?
Tekturna (Aliskiren)
B. Adverse effects:
C. Take before or after meals
(Fatty meals decreased absorption)
A. MOA: direct renin inhibitor

B: Diarrhea