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I am a regenerative membranein a neuron, what am I?
What is the funtion of a motor neuron?
The recieve impulses from the CNS and carry them tok effectors like musckes or glands.
What must all nueral pathways include?
Reception, Transmission, and Processing
What is summation?
The sum effect of all neurotransmitters action on an neuron.
What is acetylcholine's purpose in the body?
It is an excitatory chemical to the vertabrate skeletal muscles.
When a neuron is stimulated enough to cause Na+ gates to open, which then causes an in-rush of Na+; this phase is called......?
What is a reflex arc?
The simplest pathway of a nerve impulse.
What components are included in a reflex arc?
Receptor, Sensory Neuron, Interneuron in spinal cord, motor neuron, the effector
What is cholinesterase's purpose?
It bonds to and breaks up acetylecholine, so neuron stops firing.
What part of the neuron contains neurotransmitters?