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Why is mendel considered the father of genetics?
First person to cross breed

Pea Plants
Stronger trait
weaker trait
Traits are passed from parents to offspring in....
(blank)are two forms of genes.
(blank) is the passing of traits from parents to offspring.
(blank)is the mathmatical chance that an event will occur.
What is the difference between self and cross pollination?
Self-Pollinates itself

Cross-Transfer male pollen to another plant
Whats the difference between purebred and hybrid?
Purebred-Same kind of parents
(both White)

Hybrid-Two different kinds of parents (one black one white)
Define Phenotype.
Physical traits
Define Genotype.
Letters gene combination.
Whats meosis?
Division of sex cells
What are the genotypes of boys?
What are the genotypes of girls?
Who are James Watson and Francis Crick?
Discovered shape of DNA molecule.(double Helix)
What makes up chromosomes?
DNA strands and nucleotides.
List the parts of nucleotide.
Sides made of sugar and phosphate.

Rungs=adenine balances with thymine and cytosine balances with guanine.
which bases pair together in a DNA molecule?
A with T and G with C.
What are the three steps of DNA replication?
unzips, nitrogen Bases Match,DNA duplicates.
What is incomplete dominance?
Hybrid, Brown eyes with a green trait.
What are exceptions to Mendels rule of inheritance?
one gene can influence other traits.
What is a mutagen?
Causes Mutation.
What are the three types of mutations?
Substitution= Put in another place

Deletion=Take out base

Insertion=add to many things
What is the purpose of a genetic counselor?
Planning for offspring traits.
What is the importance of a pedigree?
To help plan for offspring.
What is selective breeding?
Decide to mate.
What is Genetic engineering?
Breed to make new medicines and food.
What is the genetic Disorder for cell mutation?
Sickle cell
What is the genetic Disorder for Chromosome mutation?
Down syndrome
What is the genetic Disorder for genetic diseases?
Tay Sacks and Cystic Fibrosis
What is the genetic Disorder for sex cell mutation?
Color Blindness.
How are evolution and adaption related?
Evolution is how things change over time and adaption is how they change to their environment.
Define Species.
The most specific Level of classification.
What level of the earth are most of the fossils found in?
What is the importance of a fossil record?
Shows how evolution and adaption occurred.
What is a vestigial structure? Give an Example.
An extra bone or part that shows evolution. The hip bone in a whale.
What similarities in structure have scientists found through observations?
The bones in human hands, cat paws, and whale fins.
What did Charles Darwin do?
He showed evolution with his finches. He showed people about the adaption made of the animals on the Galapagos.
What are paleontologists?
People that look for clues to reconstruct the past.
Compare relative and absolute dating of fossils.
Relative-Age found from where they lay in the lock.

Absolute-Measuring the ratio of unstable atoms to the stable ones in a lab.
What is Cyanobacteria?
A photosynthetic organism that gives life oxygen.
List three characteristics of primates?
opposable thumbs

Binocular vision

Define classification.
The arrangement of organisms into orderly groups.
How is taxonomy different from classification?
Taxonomy is only the classification of living things.
List the seven levels of classification.












Name the five kingdoms with an example of one of the organisms in the kingdom.
Monera-One cell bacteria


Fungi- Mold


Does Genus or species come first?
Which one is capitalized?
Genus then species

Big G Little s