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What do we call a proposed law?
a bill
The use of long speeches to prevent a Senate vote.
A way the President can prevent a bill from becoming law by keeping it until Congress ends its session.
pocket veto
An official population count made every ten years.
A plan of action designed to achieve a certain goal.
Who presides over the Senate when the Vice President is not present?
president pro tempore
Aids the floor leader and tries to persuade members to support pary positions.
The Vice President of the United States is also what?
president of the Senate
Who presides over House sessions, decides who may speak, appoints committee members?
Speaker of the House
Who guides bills through Congress and is chief officer of his or her party in the House or Senate?
floor leader
The people a member of Congress represents are called what?
The area that a member of the House represents.
congressional district.
People who represents interest groups.
A plan for raising and spending money.
Groups of people who work together for similar interests or goals.
interest group