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Who was the last king of Rome?
Tarquinius Superbus
Why was he expelled from the throne?
What form of government replaced the monarchy?
What year did the Republic begin?
509 B.C.
How many consuls served at a time?
How often were counsul elected?
who helped the consuls rule?
Why was Rome in constant conflict for the next 250 years?
vied with other city-states for supremacy in Italy
Which Roman hisotian provided storied about the Roman Patiots?
What tribe tried to restore the power of the monarchy?
What bridge did they try to thwart this attack?
Pons Sublicius
What man thwarted these plans?
Horatius Cocles
How did he thwart this attack?
Destroy the bridge behind him
What Roman noble gained permission to infiltrate the Etruscan camp?
Gaius Mucius
Whom did he plan to kill?
The king
Who did he kill?
The king's scribe
How did he receive his cognomen?
Burned his right hand in the fire
What did his cognomen mean?
What did Cloelia do?
led group of girls to elude guards, swim across river ina shower of spears , and reach safely on the Roman side.
How did the Romans honor her?
Statue in forum of a girl on a horse
why was Cincinatus appointed dictator?
other condul wasnt up to the challenenge of rescuing the beseiged army.
What was the function of the dictator?
a special office that in times of crisis permitted them o put the best qualified citizen in charge of the state for up to 6 months.
For how long could a dictator hold power?
6 months
What did he do after he defeated the enemy?
Immedialty resigned office and returned to his farm.