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A civil remedy (an order of court) that aims to compensate the person who has been wronged for the injury or loss suffered

Compensatory damages

Special/specific damages, general damages, aggravated damages: compensation for defendants conduct injured plaintiff's feelings causing humiliation and insult

Nominal damages

Defendant infringed rights of plaintiff, but did not suffer any actual loss, defamation case

Exemplary damages

Punitive damages, damages may be awarded if the defendant action was so negligent to deter others

Obiter Dictum

Remarks made by a judge in passing, which are not binding


A way in which a court in a civil case will enforce a right, impose a penalty or make another court order for the benefit of the plaintiff


Written or verbal statements that lower a person's reputation

Key Principles

Statement is defamatory, statement published by defendant, defamatory statement refers to plaintiff

Civil Law

The main aim of civil law is to return the person whose rights have been infringed to their original position


A civil wrong; an act that injures someone in some way, and for which the injured person may sue the wrongdoer for damages