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An accused has no right to counsel at which of the following times?
At an Article 15 hearing
Article 31b imposes how many requirements?
All suspects are entitled to warnings flowing from what amendments?
Fifth and Sixth
Assault is covered under what article of the UCMJ
Art. 128
A person who commits a crime is called a?
Of the articles defined as punitive, what article is not punitive in nature?
Art. 78
Applies to a person who enables a prisioner committed to his or charge to escape
Art. 96
Applies to the offense of a person whe sells government property without proper authority.
Art. 108
Describes a person who resists arrest or apprehension.
Art. 95
Forbids the unlawful confinement of a person.
Art. 97
Deals with a person who escapes from custody.
Art. 95
Discusses an offense that includes wrongfully releasing a prisoner.
Art. 96
Under which of the following circumstances should a sentinel on post not be charged with Art. 113
When found smoking
A service member who intentionally inflicts self-injury should be charged under what Art.?
Art. 115
A sailor without intent, kills a shipmate through negligence. The sailor may be charged under what Art.?
Art. 89