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Name two accountabliites for personal actions
-Surgical technologist have legal and ethical responibilities toward their patient
-Surgical technologist must adhere to accepted standards, regulations, policies, and laws
Aeger primo
literally, "The patient first"; the motto of the association of Surgical Technologist
Doctrine of reasonable man
The right of a patient to expect that professional and technical personnel will proform their duties and meet the standards of resonable, prudent, and honest personnel involved in similar circumstances
primum non nocere
Literally, "first, do no harm"; a guided principle of the Hippocratic medical ethics
Respndeat superior
Litterally "a thing that speaks for itself" a defendant is gulity of negligence without the need to show their direct involvment; its use is limited to cases in which the cause of a plauintiff's injury could hav ebeen caused only by negligence
The expectation that an individual may be called to account for actions taken that were consistent with responsibilites contracted by virtue of employment or learner experience
Unlawful threat to harm another physically
The carrying out of physically-threatened harm
The state of being answerable or responsible; being legally bound, as to make good any loss or damage that occurs in a transaction
Corporate liability
The state of being legally responsible for the comany's actions
Personal liability
The state of being leagally responsible for one's actions
Product liability
Leagel liability of manufactures and sellers to compensate buyers, users, or others for damages or injuries caused by defects in their products
Advance directive
Leagally valid document written in advance of serious illness that state a patitent's choices for health care, or names a second party to make those choices if the patient becomes unable to make decisions
Breach of confidentiality
A violation of the obligation to keep the patients records and confidences private
Common law
Law estabilshed on the basis of previous court desision
A leagel process charging a party with a wrong done or a crime commited
Confidential communication
A statement made to a lawyer, physician, or member of the clergy in confidence implicitly understood that it dhall remain a secret
An illegal act againt society
wrongs of slander and libel
A person accused of a tort or crime who is required to make answer in a legal action or suit
Testimony of a witness or a party taken uder oath outside the courtroom, the transcript of which becomes part of the courts file
Expert witness
A person having special training or expereince who assists a judge and jury in their decision-making process
A serious crime punishable by law with penalties ranging from imprisonment to death
Iatrogenic Injury
An injury induced by a doctor or care giver
Invasion of privacy
A wrong atht violates a person's right to be free from unauthorized intrusion
Lack of proper supervision
The supervisor, instructor, or physicican is absent while the surgical tchnologist is proforming their responsibilites, or the supervisor, instructirm or physicisn is not near enough to the technologist to give assistance
A written defamation of character; an untruthful written statement about a person that subjects that person to ridicule or contempt
A lawsuit
A crime of lesser offense than a felony, punishable by fines and/or imprisionment, usually for less than one year
One who commences a leagl action or suit to obtain a remedy for an injury to his/her rights; the complaining party
A spoken defemation of character; an untruthful oral statement about a person that subjects that person to ridicule or contemp
Statutory law
Law enacted by congress and state legislatures
A private or civil wrong or injury for which the court provides a remedy through an action for damages
comparitive negligence
The degree of negligence in which each of the parties involved may ve shown to have been responsible for the injury caused
Any professional misconduct resulting in harm to another
Gross/criminal negligence
An act or omission that is the result of actual conscious indifference to right, saftey, or wellfare of persons
Being unqualified or inadequate to perform a duty or duties