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After Reconstruction, Virginia’s cities began to __________.
Plantation farming was no longer _______________.
Virginians moved from rural to urban areas for better ______________ opportunities.
The Freedman's Bureau helped newly freed slaves by:
providing clothing, food, and housing.
Since the end of World War II, Northern Virginia has grown because of the increases in the number of ________ jobs located around the Washington D. C. region.
Also, both Northern Virginia and the Tidewater region have grown due to _______ technology.
Know that as a result of the ______________ _____________ Movement, laws were passed that made racial discrimination illegal.
Civil Rights
After World War II, __________________ demanded equal treatment and the recognition of their rights as American citizens.
African Americans
Harry Byrd led a _______ ________ against desegregation.
Massive Resistance
What is integration?
equal use of public places by all races
What is desegregation?
ending racial segregation
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1954 (__________________) that “Separate but Equal” public schools were unconstitutional.
Brown v. Board of Education
Following this court case, all public schools, including those in Virginia, were ordered to _______________.
Virginia’s government established a policy of _____________, which fought the integration of public schools.
Massive Resistance
To avoid integration many public schools
_____________ led a Massive Resistance Movement against the integration of public schools.
_________ was the first African American woman to become a bank president in the United States. She was also the first woman to become a bank president.
_________, as governor, was known for a “Pay As You Go” policy for road improvements, and he modernized Virginia state government.
__________ was the first African American winner of a major men’s tennis singles championship. He was also an author and eloquent spokesperson for social change.
___________, former governor of Virginia, was the first African American to be elected a state governor in the United States.