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What does SS stand for?
Sustainable Sites
What is the SS prerequisite
Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
What is the intent of the SS prerequisite?
Reduce pollution from construction activities by controlling soil erosion, waterway sedimentation
and airborne dust generation.
What are the requirements of the SS prerequisite?
Create and implement an Erosion and Sedimentation Control (ESC) Plan for all construction
activities associated with the project. The ESC Plan shall conform to the erosion and
sedimentation requirements of the 2003 EPA Construction General Permit OR local erosion and
sedimentation control standards and codes, whichever is more stringent. The Plan shall describe
the measures implemented to accomplish the following objectives:
• Prevent loss of soil during construction by stormwater runoff and/or wind erosion, including
protecting topsoil by stockpiling for reuse.
• Prevent sedimentation of storm sewer or receiving streams.
• Prevent polluting the air with dust and particulate matter.
What does ESC stand for?
Erosion and Sedimentation Control
When do you create an ESC plan?
During the Design phase of the project
What are some potential technologies and strategies for implementing an ESC plan?
temporary and permanent seeding, mulching, earth dikes,
silt fencing, sediment traps and sediment basins
What does CGP stand for?
Construction General Permit
What does the CGP provide?
It outlines the provisions necessary to comply with Phase I and Phase II of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program. While
the CGP only applies to construction sites greater than 1 acre, the requirements are applied to all
projects for the purposes of this prerequisite.
What is NPDES?
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
What is SS Credit 1
Site Selection
What is the intent of SS Credit 1?
Avoid development of inappropriate sites and reduce the environmental impact from the location of a building on a site
How many points are available for SS Credit 1?
1 Point
What are some potential technologies and Strategies for SS Credit 1?
give preference to those sites that do not include sensitive site elements and restrictive land types. Select a suitable building location and design the building with the minimal footprint to minimize site disruption of those environmentally sensitive areas
identified above.
What is SS Credit 2?
Development Density & Community Connectivity
What does LEED Stand for?
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Why have a building certified?
• Be recognized for your commitment to environmental issues in your community,
your organization (including stockholders), and your industry

• Receive third party validation of achievement

• Qualify for a growing array of state & local government initiatives

• Receive marketing exposure through USGBC Web site, Greenbuild conference,
case studies, and media announcements.
What is the minimum number of points to have a building certified?
26 Points
How many points does it take to reach LEED Silver?
33-38 Points
How many points does it take to reach LEED Gold?
39-51 Points
How many points does it take to reach LEED Platinum?
52-69 Points
What is the first step toward obtaining LEED Certification?
Registering a project online.
What must be done to obtain certification?
The applicant project
must satisfactorily document achievement of all the prerequisites and a minimum number of points.
What is LEED-NC?
LEED for New Construction (& Major Renovations)

LEED-NC is one of a
growing portfolio of rating systems serving specific market sectors.