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What is a chromatid? And where are they located?
one of the doubled chromosomes. on the ends of the chromosomes (same color)
What is a centromere? and where is it located?
center of chromosome-holds the chromosomes together
What is a diploid cell? and how is it written?
a cell that contains two copies of each chromosome. written as 2n
what is a haploid cell? and how is it written?
a cell that contains only one set of chromosomes. written as "n"
what is the main difference between mitosis and meiosis?
Mitosis produces two daughter cells, meiosis produces four
know prophase metaphase and anaphase of meiosis
know prophase metaphase and anaphase of meiosis 2
genetic variation is created in what 3 ways?
independent orientation of chromosomes, random fertilization, and crossing over
what is a karyotype?
a photographic inventory of an individual's chromosomes
errors in Meiosis: an extra copy of chromosome 21 causes what? What are dome effects of this disorder?
down syndrome. produces heart defects, developmental delays, and a shortened life span
errors in Meiosis: What is nondisjunction? What can this lead to? Why do they occur?
is an alternation in chromosome number. Can lead to characteristic symptoms called syndromes. They occur because members of a chromosome fail to seperate during anaphase
abnormal numbers of sex chromosomes can lead to what? What is it?
Turner syndrome. A female who is sterile because reproductive organs are underdeveloped, a short person
Alterations in chromosome structure can cause what?
birth defects and cancer