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what are the simple tissues and their functions?
collenchyma-flexible, support plant in parts that are still growing||sclerenchyma-dead cells found in area where hrowth has stopped, hemp fibers that support mature plant, can twist without stretching (used to make rope)||parenchyma-food storage, photosynthesis, aerobic respiration
what are the complex tissues in a plant and what are their functions?
xylem-conducts water and dissolved minerals upward from the root to stem||phloem-transports sugars from leaves or storage tissues to parts of the plant
what is an annual lifespan? what is an example?
plants that complete their life cycle in a year of growing|| ie: flowers
what is a life cycle? what is an example?
time from when plant begins to grow through flowering and seed production to death|| ie: purple, yellow, and pink pansies
what is a biennial? what is an example?
complete their life cycle in 2 years|| ie: carrots
what is a perennial? what is an example of one?
live and reproduce for many years|| ie: most landscaping bushes
what does primary growth do?
lengthens, helps push roots through soil
what does secondary growth do?
increases the girth of woody plants
what is wood?
consists of xylem layers and fibers with thick walls rich in lignin to provide strength
what is the cork cambium?
protects stem as it grows and is sloughed off
what is the bark?
all tissue external to vascular cambium, includes secondary phloem and cork cambium
what is the heartwood?
the center of the trunk
what is sapwood?
lighter colored secondary phloem that still transports water
what is the function of the shoot?
to support the leaves
what do leaves function in?
ehat is the function of taproots?
store food in form of carbohydrates such as starch
what are the functions of rhizomes in Iris plants?
to store food and have buds that form new plants
what is the function of a tuber in a potato plant?
to store food in a form of starch
what are the different tissue systems and their functions?
epidermis-covers and protects|| cuticle-prevents plant from drying out|| vascular tissue system-consist of xylem and phloem
what is the function of guard cells?
to regulate the size of the stoma, which control gas exchange and water loss from the leaf
what happens in double fertilization?
one sperm fertilizes the egg to become the zygote; other sperm fertilizes the two polar nuclei to become a 3n endosperm nucleus
what is the benefit of vegetative reproduction?
allows production of large numbers of plants with minimal effort and expense