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What is the settling zone's corollary to the set point theory
if we are one cookie per day, we should gain 31 pounds per year
Compare and contrast the ideas of set-point and settling zone
set-point: regulation of fat stores, signal from adipose, eating is biological, can control weight through drugs.

settling zone: little regulation of fat stores, no signal from adipose, eating is environmental, control weight by changing environment
Why can the set point theory be shot down?
1. VMH lesions cause hyperinsulinemia (lots of insulin produced--constantly taking nutrients out of blook and storing glucose and fatty acids so animal never full b/c no nutrients in blood
2) VMH stimulations cause pain
3)LH lesions cause inhibition of parasympathetic (cuts of salivation
4) LH stimulation causes "stimulus bound behaviors" (dopamine exaggerates motor system
According to Bouchard, which is the most contribution to fat?
25% genetic (varience)
30% cultural transmission
45% environment
What are the determinants of body weight?
1. Genetics
2. Early Development (but doesnt work to reduce weight as child)
3. Diet composition (the volume we take in is determined by our history (higher the fat, higher the body weight)
4. Occasion to eat (snack just an occasion to eat)
5. Portion size (with increased portion size, more food is eaten)
6. Variety (the more variety, the more you intake--vegetarians best, then no carb diet next)
7. eating out of the home: school intake decrease, restaurants increase, fast food INCREASE
8. # of people eating with you
9. Amount of food others eat
What's the process of dieting?
immediate 1. habit (expectation, conditioning) GI tract is highly conditionable

24 hrs. 2. Sensory enhancement (you'll notice food in your mouth)

3days 3. Decrease in basal metabolic rate (feel cold) (recovers when weight stabilizes)
1 week 4. food obsessions (start talking about food and diet)
1 month 5. Eating induced eating (entire salad before meal)-appetite increased
3months (1/3 of people) get depressed
Rapid dieting does not work (50% of time) so why lose weight?
-ideal weight (BMI around 22-23) live longer
Distinguish between the 2 body fat distributions: android and gynoid
android (abdominal fat-males): high risk: hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease

gynoid (peer) hips: low risk in above factors
What's an interesting fact about the obese?
only 1/2 suffer from diabetes, hypertension, or hyperlipidemia