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GRCC is a ________lab meaning anything entering the lab is __________.
All cases entering the lab have been disinfected.
What are the steps in disinfecting an impression before it can be handled if manufacturer says it can be immersed in disinfectant?
1. Rinse with water 2. Shake carefully 3.Place in zippered bag
w/disinfectant 15 minutes 4. Remove 5. rinse quickly with tap water, 6. Shake 7. Pour up.
What are the steps in disinfecting an impression before it can be handled if manufacturer says it cannot be immersed?
1. Rinse gently with water 2. Spray with disinfectant 3. Wrap in moistened towels saturated with disinfectant for 15 minutes 4. Rinse 5. Shake 6. Pour up.
What is the proper procedure for cleaning a heavily soiled orthodontic appliance before disinfection?
Place item in zippered bag containing ultrasonic disinfectant in the ultrasonic for 15 minutes. Could also use glass or plastic beaker. . May need to brush with TB.
After use of the lathe, the rag wheel must be _________ in an_________.In other words, how is prepared for the next use?
How often is the HVE system cleaned? After each patient, at end of each day or once a month?
At the end of each day
If you are using barriers on most all surfaces during a dental procedure, what do you do as far as barriers go to get ready for the next patient?
Remove and throw away all barriers, clean and disinfect only the surfaces where barriers were not placed. Put new barriers on before you seat the next patient.
True or False: It is necessary to IMMEDIATELY (before procedure is complete) disinfect a countertop having no barrier if patient saliva splatters on it OR can it wait til you clean up after procedure is done and before next patient?
After procedure is done it must be sprayed, wiped, sprayed.
How would you carry out hand hygiene if the city has issued a boil water alert and your hands are visibly soiled?
Use bottled water and an antimicrobial soap.
How would you carry out hand hygiene if the city has issued a boil water alert and your hands are not visibly soiled?
Can use alcohol hand rub. Or, can use antimicrobial or regular soap and bottled water.
True or false: At the end of the day, the self-stored water bottle can be placed in the refrigerator til the next day of use.
In what position is the water bottle stored at the end of the day?
If you enter the clinic after a weekend and find the water bottle with water in it and still on the dental unit, how will you disinfect it?
Place bleach and a little detergent in the bottle, shake and rinse till all soap is removed. Then refill
In order to have quality dental unit water, the CDC recommends what level of CFU?
< 500 CFU /Ml
Which 3 types of pathogens can be found in water lines? P. 190, Table 13-2.
Bacteria, Protozoa and Fungi
Why do you flush the dental water lines and when?
Keep the number of organisms in the water under 500 CFU/Ml so water will not cause diseases. Done after every patient and at the beginning of the day.
Will all the biofilm be removed when you flush the water lines?
No, only can keep them to a minimum. They are continually forming.
Do you store water bottles empty and upright or attached to the dental unit?
Empty and upright
Define potable water.
Is it sterile?
Same as drinking water
No, not sterile
Name an item used in the dental office that can be reused if it is properly disinfected--(not disposable).
(choices: saliva ejectors, HVE tips, prophy cups or Snap-a-Ray (dental x-ray holding device, disposable air-water syringe tips)
Snap-a-Ray, is x-ray holding device, is a semi-critical item, (touches mucous membranes-can be disinfected with high level disinfectant). All disposable items must be discarded.
What device will not reduce spatter of dental water unit bacteria but will reduce spatter of saliva and bacteria?
Rubber dam, remember, dental unit water will be coming from outside the mouth and can likely spray back at you. Anything like saliva or bacteria will be stopped by the rubber dam.
Is biofilm found in the dental lab on dry surfaces?
No, only moist surfaces
What is dental aerosol?
Small invisible particles of saliva that may contain a few microorganisms and may be inhaled or remain airborne for extended periods. Can be inhaled into lung air sacs.
What are antiseptics?
Antimicrobial chemical used for killing microorganisms on the skin or other body surfaces. Pre-procedural mouthrinse is antimicrobial anticeptic.
A pre-procedural mouth wash is:
A. Antiseptic B. Disinfectant, C. Phenol D Iodophore
Antiseptic--See notes under Laboratory Asepsis
Which device used in a dental procedure is most used to reduce the amount of aerosol and spatter?
HVE-High Volume Evacuation
What other aseptic technique can reduce aerosol and spatter but is not as often used?
Rubber dam
Once an impression has been disinfected properly, you can touch it with your bare hands in the dental lab. True or False?
Can an impression be rinsed with water?
Yes, but check with manufacturer. Some cannot be immersed in disinfectant but all should be rinsed with water prior to disinfection and afterwards.
Can rag wheels be sterilized in a chemical vapor sterilizer?
No. They are cloth and will interfere with vaporization for sterilization.
A preprocedural mouthrinse should contain an _________.
Antimicrobial, reduces the level of microorganisms in mouth for up to 5 hours. Lowers the number of microorganisms that can escape the patient's mouth
Self-contained water bottles are filled with what kind of water?
Potable or drinking water.
What are planktonic microorganisms?
Free floating microorganisms in the water lines.
What is the most important PPE when working in the lab?
Safety glasses
What do you do with extra pumice you have touched when you are finished working with it in the lab?
What is a disinfectant called when it is used on living tissue?
What can happen if patient clamps lips around suction tip?
Suck back or bacteria from water line backs up into patient's mouth.
What is unit-dosing?
Setting up specific numbers of items according to how much you need for one procedure so as to prevent cross-contamination
Which size of water tubing collects more biofilm? Small or large?