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What's the big concern w/ homocysteinurea?
homocysteine not retained, but peed out (kids dying of heart attack)
What does smoking do?
1) increase cholesterol production (nicotine stimulates the liver to produce more cholesterol)--> increase VLDL and LDL
2) independently decreases HDL
3) constricts blood vessels (effects of nicotine again)
smokers = 10x higher rate of heart attack and stroke)
4) increase blood pressure
How do you stop smoking?
1) Nicotine patches (eventually decreases amount of nicotine)
2) Nicotine nasal sprays (rapid decrease in craving)
3) Nicotine gum
BUT what's the #1 reason for young women smoking (and not quitting)`
to get skinny. weight gain after quit smoking
so another way to prevent atherosclerosis is to
not smoke
Talk about stress and personality types.
Type As (like me) like and respond to stress BADD b/c greater rate of heart attack

Stress activates sympathetic system--hormone sensitive lipase breaks down triglycerides into fatty acids which leave the call and goes to muscle cells in exercise.

SAME THING HAPPENS IN STRESS but the difference is youre not moving so the fatty acids are gonna go to the liver, repackaged into triglycerides, and increase the amt of LDL in circulation so stress facilitates atherosclerosis.
What are 3 more things to do to prevent atherosclerosis?
1) take vacations from work...relax
2) lose weight (cuz hypertension and obesity lead to atherosclerosis)