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What's so special about the assessor strategy in the hawk, dove, and burgeois game?
the assessor is in a pure ESS.
What happens in asymetric games?
the two players are in differnt roles and the strategy choices or payoffs can differ b/w roles.
what is the first payoff in each cell?
male's. second is female's.
What is the Nash equilibrium?
evolutionarily stable pairs of strategies.
Thus, what are the inequalities for monogomy (both need to be satisfied in order to have monogomy?
when t> s + m and t > s + f.
What is it called when a male deserts and a female cares?
What is it called when the male cares and the female deserts?
What is it called if both desert?
What would polyandry (aka in jacanas) do to the Nash equilibrium?
it would flip everything so
t < n+m and t< s+f