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A coma is defined as a period of _______that lasts over an hour, during which the patient’s eyes are closed.
The human body is a complex machine with many intricate components, including _____ bones and _____ muscles
206, 650
One reason why humans and other animals have been successful is because of their _______ body plan.
The Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus invented the classification system that is used by modern biologists, which relies on ________ traits to distinguish among species.
These proteins which act like cellular “glue” to hold cells together is called _________. This protein was first used by the group of animals known scientifically as ________ .
collagen, Porifera
Although sponges have no muscle, no neurons, and no brain, they do have specialized cells for eating and moving water. This specialization occurred first in this group and is known as ___________________.
cell differentiation
Sponges have been in every aquatic habitat on Earth, and to date biologists have identified over _____ species.
The Cnidarians were the first animals to possess _________, allowing them to become the first group of animals to move.
Jelly fish tentacles contain stinging cells, known as ______ for capturing prey.
Muscle tissue is the same in all animals, from the jelly fish to humans. The two type of proteins which enable muscles to contract are ______ and _____.
actin, myosin
To coordinate the motion of muscles, the cnidarians a simple network of _______ that allow the muscle fibers to communicate using a combination of electrical impulses and chemical signals.
nerve cells
The flatworm’s mouth is not in its head but is located on the underside of its body. It consumes its prey by extruding a device known as a _____ from its mouth.
The bright colored markings of most marine flatworms which live in the coral reefs are a warning that they are either _______ or _______ .
poisonous, not appetizing
Most marine flatworms produce both eggs and sperm, a condition known as __________.
A ________ can contain thousands egg producing segments, reaching a length of 60 feet, and can live for 30 years inside their human host.
tape worm