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Today _____________ is the number one infectious agent in the world that causes death in adults.
___________ resistant tuberculosis results from the development of _________ resistant bacteria.
multi-drug, antibiotic
Scientists have shown that at some point in evolution ___________ cells took up residence in eukaryotic cells to become the first organelles through a process know as____________________.
Prokaryotes; endosymbiosis
Scientists now realize that approximately _________ of the biomass in the ocean is made up of ____________
90%; bacteria or microbes
All prokaryotic cells are _____________, while all eukaryotic cells are ________________
unicellular, multicellular
The tree of life is composed of three branches and it is thought that the extremophiles of ______________ are more closely related to Eucarya than to Bacteria.
The concept of Biosphere 2 was ____________ ____________
total recycling
The failure of Biosphere 2 was due to an overactive compost heap, where ___________ flourished and reproduced creating a dramatic impact on the __________ cycle.
microbes or bacteria; oxygen
The marshland ecosystem the plants are the orgininators of the food web converting __________ energy into carbohydrates, but the grass can only be broken down by _____________, which provide nutrients to the animals.
solar, microbes
The cow’s stomach harbors billions of bacteria which are used to degrade the ____________ in plants so that the cow can absorb the nutrients.
A cow has ____________ chambers in its stomach and the _________ is the largest compartment and functions as a fermentation chamber.
4, rumen
The degradation process in our landfills is very slow, but if ________ and ___________ are pumped into the refuse, the microbes flourish and cuts the degradation time significantly.
air and water; any order
__________ is an important method for copper mining and accounts for over 25% of the world’s copper production.
In copper minning, the low grade copper ore exists as sulfide in rocks. Thus by selecting ___________ that can extract _____________ from the sulfide, the copper can be released.
microbes, energy