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What's the function of lipases?
to break down triglicerides
Name 4 lipases
Lingual, gastric, CCK, and bile (in gallbladder)
Why is a chylomicron called a lipoprotein?
b/c its surface is made up of cholesterol, fat, and carbs LOTS OF FREE CHOLESTEROL INSIDE (and has phospholipids on outside and triglicerides inside). SPECIFIC PROTEINS ON SURFACE(unique structure/signal)
What are the 5 kinds of Lipoproteins?
1) chylomicron (biggest structure w/ most fat in it)
2) VLDL very low density lipoprotein (not as much fat/density as above)
3) IDL (intermediate)
4) LDL low density lipoprotein that carries triglycerides from the liver to tissues
5) HDL high density --lots of lipids, very little triglycerides (carry cholesterol back to liver)
Explain the relationship b/w the liver, VLDL, and chylomycin
the liver repackages fat dropped off by the chylomicin and repackages them into smaller VLDLs which then go to blood stream.
What do chylomicrons have that informs the liver its a chylomicron?
apoprotein receptors (a and b)
What's the role of lipoprotein lipase?
breaks down triglycerides into fatty acids--> gets them into the cell but now it converts into an IDL (b/c lost some fat to cell) which then goes to the liver and is repackaged as VLDL, which can then go into tissues...IDL can also fit into tissues if its small enough.
How is LDL bad?
It has Apo-B recognition signal and there are Apo-B receptors in artiers!! so LDL sticks to artieries and leads to atherosclerosis!!!