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(Imperfect Tense)
caminaba camina(')bamos
caminabas caminabais
caminaba caminaban
(Imperfect Tense)
Perdi(')a pedi(')amos
perdi(')as perdi(')ais
perdi(')a perdi(')an
(Imperfect Tense)
segui(')a segui(')amos
segui(')as segui(')ais
segui(')a segui(')an
(Imperfect Tense)
era e(')ramos
eras erais
era eran
(Imperfect Tense)
iba i(')bamos
ibas ibais
iba iban
(Imperfect Tense)
vei(')a vei(')amos
vei(')as vei(')ais
vei(')a vei(')an
Uses of the Imperfect
events or conditions that were in progress at a particular point in the past often while something else was happening
- ar (present progressive)
cruzar = cruzando
- er/ir (present progressive)
correr = corriendo
vivir = viviendo
Uses of present progressive
- stresses the ongoing nature of an event or a condition
Object or reflexive pronouns with present progressive
may be either attached to the participle or precede the conjugated verb
- when pronouns are attached to the participle, a written accent is required to maintain the stress
Uses of 'para'
1. destined for, 'to go to' or 'to be given to'
2. to, in the direction of
3. to be used for, or, in
4. compared to others
5. "in order to" + infinitive
Uses of 'por'
1. an amount (period of time, or thing)
2. for the sake of, on behalf of
3. means of
4. because of, on account of, about