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1 I don't wash myself.
No me lavo.
2 We don't wash ourselves.
No nos lavamos.
3 Tomorrow I won't wake up early.
Mañana no me despertaré temprano.
4 I'm not going to wake up in time.
No voy a despertarme a tiempo.
5 Aren't you going to get up? (familiar)
¿No vas a levantarte?
6 We are not going to bed.
No nos vamos a la cama.
7 She is not falling asleep.
Ella no se duerme.
8 We will not fall asleep.
Nos no dormiremos.
9 You did not wake up. (familiar)
No te despertaste.
10 He did not wake up.
El no se despertó.
11 We did not wake up.
No nos despertamos.
12 They did not wake up.
Ellos no se despertaron.
13 I didn't wake up at 6 o'clock.
No me desperté a las seis.
14 They did not go to bed.
Ellos no se acostaron.
15 You guys did not got to bed.
Ustedes no se acostaron.
16 I did not twist my ankle.
No me torcí el tobillo.
17 I did not hurt my back.
No me lastimé la espalda.